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Programming and schedules subject to change

SCEME has been cancelled due to a lack of participants. Replacement programming is TBA.

For schedule grids, please click the day of interest

Friday 12:00pm - 10:30pm  •  Saturday 10:00am-10:30pm  •  Sunday 9:30am-5:00pm



• Appropriation or Creative License?

Most people would agree that the word "appropriation" has a negative connotation beyond it's straightforward definition of "taking something for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission." So are pastiche authors and fanfic writers guilty of appropriation in the worst sense of the word or using creative license to format new stories and ideas that both honor the source material and explore it above and beyond where it came from?

• Ask an Artist

Come meet our guest artists and ask them anything that you've been dying to know! How did they get into the fandom? Where did they learn to draw? What do they love to draw the most? Where do they get their inspiration from? Whom do they admire the most? As the saying goes, anything goes!

• The Best and the Brightest

In May, Sherlock Seattle did a contest on tumblr, asking their followers to vote for their favorite Watson out of 12 different versions offered. Come learn who won and debate the question all over again - which actor makes the best Watson, and why?


• Beyond 1895

Holmes and Watson were born out of the Victorian area, but have since been modernized many times over. What happens when you take these two characters out of their time? Come explore Holmes and Watson from the Victorian to the modern and futuristic and discuss how they maintain the essence of themselves regardless of the era.


• Big Brother Mycroft is Watching You

In this roundtable discussion we'll openly share with one another answers to the following question. "What's the weirdest/strangest/most disgusting/bizzare/sexy/random thing you've searched for while researching your fic?"


• Complete vs. Work in Progress

Some writers like to complete their entire story and then release it all at once or in chapters. Others prefer to write and release it over time, chapter by chapter. What are the benefits, rewards, and downsides of each of these choices. What are the unique pressures of each option and how can you keep up your motivation to finish?

• Cosplay: The Sign of Three

An indepth look at cosplay, and how to cosplay anything from plainclothes Holmes and Watson to Victorian Holmes and Watson. Discussing the difference between Disneybounding and convention cosplay (or is there even a difference?), tips and tricks of sewing, how to cosplay if you can't sew, and the cardinal Rule of Three of costuming, and how to do it all without losing your mind.


• Creative Collaborations

While most artists and writers tend to work solo, some choose to work together. Artists will trade off between who draws, inks, and colors their works. Artists and writers will collaborate together to create both stories and illustrations. Writers will collaborate on stories together. What are the rewards (and difficulties) of such endeavors and what brings people together in the first place?

• Detecting Meaning with Sherlock Holmes
When we read Sherlock Holmes, the words combine to build a model in our heads.  How does this happen? In this panel we will consider meaning from the smallest levels of words and morphemes, up through sentences to the stories as a whole. We will look at how words convey meanings and how they can be combined to express richer meaning. Using the stories of Sherlock Holmes, we will show that meaning does not only come from the words themselves, but also from our own understanding of them, and that words can convey much more than just their surface meanings. Finally, we will show how Sherlock Holmes stories have entered popular culture, both through translation into other languages and into other media, such as films and TV, and how this has become part of our cultural heritage.

• Fandom Identity

As fans, how do we navigate our lives while being fans? From being "out and proud" to "closeted", we'll talk about the choices that we make. Why does someone decide to wear their fandom on their sleeve versus keeping it a secret? What does it mean to be a writer, an artist, or an academic with a close connection to fandom? It is safe to fly your fan flag high, or is better to keep it hidden?

• Gender Changes in Holmes Adaptations

Swapping character genders has become more common recently in fan made versions - web series, plays, fan fiction - but it also has a history in film and television. However, the way these gender changes have influenced characterization is an interesting phenomena to examine. Holmes and Watson have been everything from women to dogs to vegetables. Going beyond discussions of why these changes might be the case there's also room to discuss the possibilities that have been opened for consideration. How is it possible to work in the original Victorian setting? Would their work as detectives have been possible?


• The Habits of Writers: Good, Bad, and Just Plain Weird

How do you make the time to write, prioritising writing, and assert the right to words like "author" instead of "aspiring author"? How can writing fanfic be the first steps from hobby to job and how to celebrate it as a form of creative expression in and of itself? We'll discuss all of this as well as self-publishing, "scrubbing" fanfic to shop as original work, and share ideas about fighting writer's block, discovering where our stories live and where to find writers' communities.


• Historical AU Appreciation Hour

From one history geek to you, let's get excited about fanfiction set in the past. We will discuss finding inspiration in various time periods -- not just Victorian era! -- and also different settings than classic London for our favorite blogger and his detective. A lot of people are intimidated by the research involved in writing a historical Sherlock fic. Let us give you some suggestions on how to make this process painless and... dare we say it? FUN.


• How Do You Draw That?

In this hands-on demonstration panel you the attendees come with your artistic questions and our artists will do their best to help you figure out how to draw the things that you want to draw!

• How to Draw Holmes & Watson

In this hands-on demonstration panel each of our artists will demonstrate how they draw their favorite Watson and Holmes in a step by step process for those who are struggling with how to capture their favorite characters, who are not artists and would like to try their hand at drawing, and those interested in learning from different artists' styles and techniques.

• Inspiration from Another
Fandom is a magical place where the creative endeavors of people don't live in a vacuum, but instead spread and inspire creativity in others. Pieces of art can become entire subcultures that inspire others to create art and stories in turn. Fiction becomes art, becomes fiction, becomes art again. Artists and writers will share stories about how they've been inspired, or have inspired others as well as exploring the idea of using the works of others to inspire yourself.

• Mind the Gap: Bridging Traditional and Modern Sherlockian Fandom

The first Sherlockian society was The Baker Street Irregulars, founded back in 1934. Since then many other groups and chapters have sprung up. What is the difference between these clubs and how can you start your own? sometimes the generation gap between members of established groups and the newer fans poses its own special challenges. How can we embrace these new ideas and energy that is being brought to the able? How can we create a welcoming and inclusive space offline as well as on?

• Neurodiversity in Sherlock

In the various adaptations of Holmes and Watson over the years, there have been indications and reasons to suspect neurodiversity in both characters. Let's discuss how disability (ADHD, autism), mental illness (bipolar, addiction, depression, PTSD), and neurological variance plays into these characters in various versions over the years.


• Novel-length Stories

What are the processes necessary for writing a novel-length fic or even an actual novel? We'll discuss plotting/outlining, and serial publishing vs. all-at-once publishing as well as research, structure, and what makes a novel versus what makes a short story collection or series.


• Plot Structures

What are plot structures and how can you use them as a writer? From the "Three Disasters and a Resolution" for romance writing and "The Hero's Journey" for case-fic we will explore the various tried and true plot archetypes. We will also cover basic plot structures (metamorphosis, the riddle, forbidden love, etc), as well as choosing which best suits your story.


• Podcasting for Beginners

This panel is the perfect introduction to Sherlockian podcasts and how to create your own. Learn the basics from our experts and bring your questions!


• Reconciling the Problematic in Sherlock Holmes

How do you love the imperfect? Sherlock Holmes is a wonderful and rich fandom with over a hundred years of stories, films, and media. However, some of the original Conan Doyle stories, films and television both classic and recent are also problematic in their depiction of race, culture, class, and gender. How do we reconcile our love for the world of Holmes and still allow ourselves to be critical of the problems... and why is it important that we do so? This panel is all about how to love the world of Sherlock Holmes while still looking at the texts critically and responsibly.


• Research Beyond Wikipedia

While Wikipedia is often the bastion of knowledge for most writers, it often is less complete or accurate as we would like. In this panel you'll learn tips and tricks for finding what you need from lesser-known resources, how to avoid falling into research holes, how to wrangle all your research into usable formats.

• A Society for Our Dear Doctor

While there are a plethora of societies celebrating Sherlock Holmes, there is only one society that specifically celebrates our favorite doctor - the John H Watson Society! Come meet some of it's members and learn about how this society was recently founded, their current activities (such as publications, treasure hunts, and online discussions), and our enthusiasm for Dr John H. Watson!


• Transposing Sherlock to Different Cultures

Are the characters of Holmes and Watson purely British to their very core, or is it possible to place them into different cultures? Both pastiches and fic offer stories where they're visitors to other cultures as well as AUs where they belong to cultures other than being white Englishmen. Some well known examples include Elementary and the Watson & Holmes comic. With the Sherlock Holmes stories being the 3rd most read stories in the world, is it a surprise that they have a universal appeal? Come discuss with us the reasons why they are so adaptable as archetypes.

• The Unreliable Watson

Many of the canonical inconsistencies in ACD's stories have led readers to view Watson as an unreliable narrator. This was recently referenced in The Abominable Bride, when Watson says, "I convinced the reading public that an unprincipled drug addict is some kind of gentleman hero."  Indeed, would we have found the character of Sherlock Holmes as appealing if his exploits had been recorded by a different narrator? How much of what we have read and seen are simple mistakes made by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, how much is deliberate, and how much is outright misinformation on the part of Dr. Watson?

• Watson Beyond Holmes
In most adaptations Watson is the sidekick, the mirror to reflect Holmes' brilliance, but who is Watson beyond Sherlock Holmes? What are the connections and relationships outside of the partnership with the world's only consulting detective? What makes this character an exciting, vibrant, fascinating persona in their own right?​

• Watson: Doctor, Soldier, BAMF

There are so many different versions of Watson to be found - everything from a fumbling buffoon with a peculiar fascination with jam to a tough ex-soldier and skilled physician. With so many different characters drawn from the same source material the question remains - what makes a Watson?

• Watson is Not Necessarily Nice

Even though Watson is almost synonymous with loyalty and steadfastness, from ACD to Elementary, Watson has also been shown a grumpy, angry, angsty, and even dark side as well as a moral flexibility. There are times where they are fine with letting criminals go (or shooting them dead) as the situation warrants. Let's investigate the darker side of our conductor of light.

• Worldbuilding Workshop

Not just a typical AU panel! This workshop will focus on the minutiae of building your own setting for Sherlock characters to play in -- from the ground up. How do you conceptualize your own original setting? Let us walk you through a variety of practical methods to make your own world from scratch, like using techniques from popular tabletop role-playing games. Fill out a worksheet to get the ideas flowing, and then begin to place the Sherlock characters in your world -- what might they do? At the end of the workshop you will have a world concept and basic character outlines including historical AUs, fantastic/magical settings, and contemporary AUs, such as dystopian, apocalypse, and alternate timelines.

• Writing Erotica Workshop (18+)

Feeling intimidated to write sex scenes in fic? Come join us for a creative journey into sex-positive writing. From vanilla to kink, we've got you covered. We'll break into groups and practice writing joyful erotica... drop your shame at the door, we've got porn to write!


• Arts and Crafts Jam

Come and hang out with your favorite artists and make art! This is a fun, mellow event where artists can hang out with one another, chat, craft, and sketch in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All levels of experience are welcome! There will be some drawing materials available, but we encourage everyone to bring their own materials if possible.

• Cards Against Humanity  Writing Workshop (18+)

If you're not currently sinning and wish to do something about it, then join us for a fun and hilarious smut-writing workshop. The prompts will be provided by Cards Against Humanity, the rest is up to you.

• Carnation Books Launch Party

Join the founders of Carnation Books for a fantastic launch party! We’ll be having a short Q&A session about our publishing company and how fanfiction writers can become published authors with Carnation Books, followed by a fun mixer with light refreshments, unexpected giveaways, and lots of cheesy jokes about our favorite ships from across fandom. We can’t wait to meet you and hear your stories!

• Closing Ceremony

Come join us for the final hurrah where we all gather to bid farewell to our wonderful Guests of Honor and to thank our staff and volunteers. To cap the weekend off we will finish by presenting a collection of Watson-inspired vids to send you on your way after enjoying Watson Washington!

• Cosplay Contest

Check out the great Sherlock Seattle cosplay contest! Have fun! Win prizes!​ All you have to do to join in the fun is pick up a entry form at the Registration Table at the convention and, of course, be in costume!

• Dr. Watson On the Air

Lawrence Albert has now been playing Dr. John H. Watson on the air longer than any other actor. His insight into the character, and the character of Holmes is well-honed, but never dull. Find out his approach to one of the world's most famous colleagues.

• Fanvids: Past, Present, and Future

For your viewing pleasure, we're bringing back our Closing Ceremony vidshows from past few years of Sherlock Seattle as well as offering a special new set of "What if...?" faux trailers depicting what BBC Sherlock Season 4 might have looked like.


• The Game is On!
There will be a set of games available in the Officers Club at all times for those who want some quiet time or just to socialize with others while learning and playing a variety of mystery and war games including Sherlock Cluedo, Kill Doctor Lucky, Scotland Yard, Sherlock Seattle's edition of Cards Against Humanity, Risk, and Stratego!​

• Guest of Honor Tea Party

Join us in the Officers Club as we honor our two Guests of Honor, author Robert Ryan and actor Larry Albert, in a delightful social hour with sandwiches, tasty treats, conversation and, yes, tea! Tickets will be available for purchase online (to be announced) or at the Registration table at the convention.


• From Gower St. to Baker St.

For many us, Cumberbatch and Freeman were our first take of the detective duo, still others had their love rekindled by this successful adaptation. Three Patch Podcast invites you to come share the surprises and frustrations of connecting this particular version of the great couple with other takes, as well as our struggles and successes with the supposed gap between “Sherlock fans” and “Sherlockians”.

• Live Livestreaming!

Fabulous fan artists will pair off as the audience challenges each of them to draw a specific prompt in five minutes! As for the prompts, as long as it includes something Sherlockian, anything goes! Which one will create the superior drawing? Who will get the most laughs or the most applause? Come and find out!

Make Your Own Medal

Our “All-the-Ships!” mural at the mini-con was so popular we decided to do a similar project for this convention. In the spirit of Watson Washington, you can make your own medal! Honor your favorite ship, your favorite character, your favorite adaptation, your favorite movie, your favorite… anything! There will be paper medals in the Officers Club for you to cut out and color any way you want. And when you are finished, take your shiny new medal to the Dealers Room hallway and put it on our Field of Honor!

• Meet the Artists

Fan artists and attendees are invited to meet and mingle in the Officer's Club to talk about who they are, what they create, and discuss what it is to be a fan artist. Come and share your talent with others or come to meet some new artists that might just be your next favorite ones! Fan Artist ribbons will be available to all artists; pick yours up at the Information Table!

• Meet the Authors

Fanfic authors and attendees are invited to meet and mingle in the Officer's Club to talk about who they are, what they write, and discuss what it is to be a fanfic author. Come and share your talent with others or come and learn about some new authors that might just be your next favorite ones. Fanfic Writer ribbons will be available to all authors; pick yours up at the Information Table!


• Mystery Sherlock Theater 1895 returns!

Oh sure, it's easy for us to make fun of a film that took hundreds of crew members and thousands of man-hours to make -- and that's why we do it! Join our wisecracking commentators in the theater for yet another hilariously irreverent skewering of a lackluster Sherlock Holmes movie.

• Pin the Moustache on the Watson

Throughout the convention we’ll be holding several “Pin the Moustache on the Watson” contests! The closest one to getting the stache on the good doctor’s upper lip wins the poster!

• The Quiz is Afoot!

Join us in the Officers Club er, um, ahem, we mean the Officers Pub for some pub-style trivia on all things Sherlockian! There will be eight rounds in all including an audio round and a visual round!  Show of your Sherlockian savvy and your Watsonian wisdom! Cheer on your friends! Have fun! Win prizes!


• SCEME Presents: Dr. John H. Watson, of her Majesty's Armed Forces

We know that Dr. John H. Watson was in the military before he met Sherlock Holmes. But what does that mean? How would an army surgeon of Victorian times have fought? What martial skills would he have been taught, and what sort of fighting would he have seen around him? In this special "Watson-focused" presentation, BWAHAHA brings us their performance division - SCEME (Shirtless Chaps Engaged in Manly Enterprises) - to demonstrate the training and martial skills that Dr. Watson may have had use of before that infamous Jezail bullet entered his life.

• sHERlock: The Web Series

sHERlock is a feminist, LGBTQA positive, fresh take on the characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Living in New England in 1995, Sherlock Holmes investigates domestic cases with her companion, Dr. Johanna Watson — only the public has no idea! Detective Lestrade claims credit for all her greatest accomplishments. Can Holmes and Watson foil their foe and reclaim credit for their work?

• Watson at War
When his publisher mentioned that they were looking for story featuring a “detective in the trenches of WW1”, Robert Ryan knew exactly what needed to be written – a series of novels about a man behind the lines but not a policeman preoccupied with desertion, nor an ever-rotating soldier. The protagonist had to be someone who would serve in the war effort but could also recognize a murder when he saw one. In short, it had to be Dr. John H. Watson, the erstwhile companion and chronicler of the consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. Come meet Guest of Honor and author Robert Ryan and learn about how he has brought Watson and World War I to life in his Dr. Watson mystery novels.


• Watson-mon Go!

Sherlock Seattle is going to be a huge WatsonStop this year and your only chance to try and catch ‘em all! Your phone is your Watson Ball and your job is to capture (photograph) as many Watson-mons as you can find! There will definitely be wild Watson-mons roaming about (aka, cosplayers) as well as more elusive, rare Watson-mons who like to hide in nooks and crannies. The only way to catch those is sheer luck or by following the clues in your Watsondex, which are available at the Information table. If you are a skilled Detector and catch a lot of Watson-mons, you’ll win a prize!

• Weapons of Watson

Learn about the weapons of the Victorian era and specifically Dr. John H.Watson's preference for British Bulldog revolvers. Guest panelists Gordon Frye and James Romnes will have actual historical pieces on display and will be discussing the various types of weapons used through Watson's many incarnations and their relevance and usage over the years.

Gordon Frye, James Romnes


• Whatson a Name?

Can you get your teammate to guess the name “Mycroft” without using the words “brother,” “Mark Gatiss,” “umbrella,” “lazy,” or “goldfish”? In this game show, the obvious clues are strictly off-limits, and you’ll have to think quick to get around them. Contestants will be chosen from the audience!

• Writing Workshops

Do you have a story you’d like to workshop with other fandom writers, or do you want to see what others’ writing process is like? This programming will involve small-group workshop sessions led by at least one of the attending panelist writers. Participants will share in-progress stories and have an opportunity to give and receive feedback on their own writing. Participation is limited to the first 18 respondents. If you are interested in participating, please click here to apply.



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