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Antietamfalls has spent the past four years writing for the BBC Sherlock fandom and enthusing all things AU. A Seattle area native, she enjoys a particular interest in Holmesian fandom history, the art of fusions, and supporting emerging fan creators. She is possibly best known for the deaf AU fic, Speaker for the Bees, and the insomnia fic, A Terrific Soporific. If given the slightest opening, she will talk about zombielock for days.

Guest Panelists

Guest panelists subject to change

The following Panelists have had to cancel: 221Btls, Andrea (azureverie), and Maia Magno (meetingyourmaker)

Berlynn Wohl is an octopus in a Russian fur hat that sometimes writes fan fiction. No one knows why.

Hi, I'm Jinglebell and I think writing bios about oneself in third person is a bit silly. I'm a fanfiction writer, artist, and lover of all things Holmesian. I'm particularly passionate about exploring alternate settings for the iconic characters of Sherlock, and seeing how our favorites might respond to new environments. I am currently telling the story of Riptide Lover. It is a Victorian era Johnlock AU, in which shipwrecked sailor John Watson becomes captive of a (rather literally) monstrous interpretation of Sherlock. I’m thrilled to be part of a fandom that welcomes whimsy!

Queerwatson is both an English major with an interest in literary analysis, and a fic writer mostly specializing in Femlock AU fics. Having been intensely interested in the Holmes stories for nearly seven years, they pursue their interest both through academic writing and study as well as fandom works, like fics, mixes, and meta. This is their fourth Holmes convention as a panelist, but their first time as a panelist at Sherlock Seattle.

Gordon E. Frye has always been fascinated with both history and weapons.  Found “talking guns” with some “Old Timer” in Death Valley when he was 3, he hasn’t changed much. Gordon’s interests led him to film work where he has assaulted the Alamo, commanded Horse Cavalry, and has portrayed soldiers, sailors, cowboys and even an Afghan Freedom-fighter.  He earned a Master’s Degree in Western History and teaches US and Naval History at Navy College at Naval Base Kitsap in Bremerton, WA.

Poppy Alexander, author of over 100 Sherlockian works, lives part-time in alternate universes. Her stories include fandom favorite The ImposterThe Doubtful Comforts of Human Love, and the Dawn Before the Rest of the World stories. In addition to her longer works - most recently the dystopian/geisha!lock novel At Night in the Floating World - Poppy has written countless stand-alone Sherlock stories, as well as three original novels and an original short story collection. 

Caitlin Fairchild fell hard for the BBC’s modern vision of Sherlock Holmes in 2013. Since the airing of Series 3 in 2014 she has written over half a million words for the fandom, most notably the award winning novel length fic The Moonlight and The Frost. In her previous life she graduated with a BA in English Literature from Fordham University in New York City and spent over a decade working in magazine publishing. She currently works as a Certified Massage Therapist, and lives in southeastern Virginia with a whole bunch of kids and animals, as well as one incredibly patient spouse.

Ariana Maher became aware of Sherlock Holmes thanks to the BBC Sherlock series, but transformed into a passionate Sherlockian thanks to the BBC Radio 4 series. She is an active member of the Seattle-based Sound of Baskervilles. For a year, she was "Carla Buttons", leader of the online Watsonian group known as the John H Watson Society. The leadership has since transitioned to Beth Gallego, but Ariana continues to be active as the book designer of The Watsonian and other JHWS publications. Her other interests involve graphic design and radio dramas.

BelladonnaQ is a fanfic author in the Sherlock BBC fandom specializing in every AU you can think of, although her other works include Hannibal, Captain America and Star Trek AOS among others. She is also a recovering vegetarian and gets physically uncomfortable if a week passes in Seattle without rain. You can can catch her on Tumblr and read her works on AO3.

Elinor (aka mistyzeo) loves an adventure: in 2014, she moved to London on a whim and spent sixteen months wandering the streets, absorbing the history and living the culture. She considers those months research for her queer Sherlock Holmes fanfic as well as her original historical romance. She has a cat, Zeke, and a yarn stash that is always on the verge of being out of control. Get in touch at

Beth L. Gallego is the current “Boy in Buttons” for the John H Watson Society, an open and inclusive worldwide online Society founded upon the idea that Doctor Watson has equal stature with Holmes, and that his accomplishments and talents deserve further scholarship and research.  She also hosts “This Tangled Skein”, a monthly podcast about yarn, tea, and Sherlock Holmes (not necessarily in that order). Originally from Chicago, she is now a Children’s Librarian in Southern California. If forced to choose, she’ll say her favorite Watson is Doctor David Q Dawson.

Lauren Karp is an educator and academic who earned her Masters in Literature & Culture from Oregon State University. From exploring how Wonder Woman is related to 19th-century literature to discussing how American Psycho is comparable to British Restoration drama, she is especially interested in using pop-culture to explore identity, gender, and cultural values. Lauren is currently an educator at an all-girls' high school here in Seattle.

pennypaperbrain started with the riding crop in 2011 and hasn’t looked back. She’s probably best known for writing Four Corners of the Western World, a post-Reichenbach, post-Soviet thriller of BDSM, bipolar disorder and BAMFery. In daily life she’s a professional book editor, and seems to have summed up her entire life in this paragraph. (NB: will talk for HOURS about BBC Sherlock’s fluffy hair.)

Lyra (lyrangalia) is half of the dynamic duo Patronus Cosplay Seattle, an engineer by day and a fangirl by night. Handed a copy of Sherlock Holmes at 9 years old, her reaction was "BUT HOW DID HE DO THAT." She has flirted with cosplay, fanfiction, roleplaying, convention running, and media analysis. While she considers fanfiction to be her first love, she must admit that cosplay is a demanding mistress. Her contributions to fandom include co-authoring Death Takes A Holiday and bringing amusement to convention goers whenever she kicks off her heels and suddenly drops 3 inches in height.

Random_Nexus lives in California and has been married to the same wonderfully talented partner for a surprising number of years.  She’s been making up stories most of her life; from crayons on construction paper to word processing programs.  A voracious reader, she also enjoys a wide variety of music and has dabbled in other artistic endeavors like drawing and sculpting. She participates in writing-oriented LiveJournal, AO3, Dreamwidth, and Tumblr communities. She has had short stories published in anthologies by Circlet Press and JayHenge Publishing, which can be found on her author’s page.

Author of the book series The Adventures of the Late Sherlock Holmes, Niko Ford received a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of North Texas and has been a writer of derivative fiction for over fifteen years with awards in both romance and characterization. Notable fanworks include The Circle of Fifths, Naked, Stripped & Raw, and Remedy. Apart from her passion as a writer, Niko is also a belly dancer, amateur voice actress, stage actress, singer, artist, and avid gamer.

Vulgarweed (same name at Tumblr, Livejournal, Dreamwidth, and AO3) has been writing fic since the early 00s (besides Sherlock, most notably Harry Potter, Good Omens, and Tolkien); she’s also been a performance poet and rock critic. Specialist in erotica and AUs/Crossovers: co-author of the Bone Fiddle series (1970s Appalachian AU) and author of “The Straw Man Fallacy” (crossover with The Wicker Man), and the Sérelókë stories (crossover with The Silmarillion). She hails from the mountains of southwest Virginia, currently lives in Chicago, and enjoys nature, coffee, and metal.

Lucas Scheelk is an autistic, trans, queer-identified, published poet from the Twin Cities. Lucas uses they/them/their pronouns. Aside from poetry, Lucas is involved in advocating for neurodiverse representation in media, particularly in Holmesian adaptations. Since 2014, they've run the "Autistic Sherlock in Elementary" tumblr blog. In 2015, they were a panelist for "Neurodiversity in Sherlock", as well as "Elementary, My Dear Watson", at 221B Con. Lucas is also a Consulting Producer for S(her)lock: The Web Series.

If one can't counteract the chaos, one must simply find a way to embrace it, Chaos eventually came to realise. Therefore, she ended up making use of her own neurodiverse brain in order to work and teach in psychiatry during the day whilst spending her evenings writing slightly disturbing fanfiction about it. After all, Chaos very much adores psychiatry, and since she's also more than a bit fond of BBC Sherlock, it would simply seem like the logical way to go about it. So clearly, it all comes down to logic...

Inchells is a part time student and part time fanartist from Los Angeles, CA. She likes to draw out 'awwww's and 'Ahhhhh's from her viewers with her fanart. Inchells has participated in numerous fandoms these past years and is happy to be back into her first fandom foray: Sherlock.

Krispy-Bits is an illustrator, animator, and victorian literature enthusiast from Chicago, IL. 

Maia is a Sherlock fan and art enthusiast. The reason why she named her blog meetingyourmaker is for her to avoid procrastination. The name works as a nice reminder to finish her WIPs. For her day job, she works in HR. Although she considers art as a hobby, she frequently thinks about drawing and fantasizes about being able to draw better. She does traditional and digital art work but is recently into making comic-type fan art.  

​Cara McGee is a graduate of SCAD where she spent many years learning how to draw comic books. She now puts that knowledge to use creating fandom based tea blends because why not, life is weird like that. She still enjoys comics and draws them frequently, and most of them concern food. You may have seen her crying over Sherlock and other fandoms and pushing tea on her tumblr.​

Saki is a freelance illustrator and college student majoring in Studio Arts. She loves creating art inspired by her favorite fandoms, from video games to Sherlock, and loves bringing characters to life. Saki is stuck in Sherlock hell. Please save her. You can find her fanart on her art blog and her Storenvy!

James Romnes shares a Watsonian interest, surgical pathology. For the last 30 years he has been what Victorians might have referred to as  a surgical 'dresser' or Physicians' Assistant. Somewhere James contracted a severe case of Webley obsession and became feverish over the history of the British revolver. This lead to an article entitled, 'Sherlock Holmes the Armed Citizen' published in 'Gun News' journal of the Washington Arms Collector. When not ranting about the products of Birmingham gun manufacturers James is usually in tweeds. He will be exhibiting his collection at The Weapons of Sherlock panel.

SCEME (Shirtless Chaps Engaged in Manly Enterprises) is the performance troupe of BWAHAHA, Seattle's Bartitsu Club. Under the expert coaching of Mr. Nathan Barnett and Mr. Timothy Ruzicki, we demonstrate several different manly arts, including club swinging, la canne (French walking stick combat), single stick, pugilism (bare-knuckle boxing), cutlass and general deportment. Our goal is to educate, entertain, and of course impress with our extreme masculinity. Attendant ladies of a delicate nature may wish to equip themselves with smelling salts in case they are overcome by our primal and robust brawn.

B lives in Mississippi, enjoys podcasts, 100k fic & long walks with the bees in Sussex. Goals: talk to Martin Freeman about his music and clothes one day. She’s a proud member of Three Patch Podcast, devoted Tolkenite, & a lover of history.

Caroline (aka avawatson) finds her squee in reccing fics, podcasting with Three Patch and Spoilercast, and crying about johnlock and every AU ever, particularly over Twitter. She's also a general purpose nerd, New Yorker, and Hufflepuff.

Chelsea is an aspiring television writer and a consulting fan on the Three Patch Podcast. She helps organize a meet up group for Sherlock Holmes in NYC, writing and voraciously reading fic any moment she's allowed. She has a BBC Sherlock tattoo and once had a conversation with Benedict, which she still isn't convinced actually happened.

Francis Bond is an Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.  He works on using computers to understand language.  As part of this, he is building a multilingual corpus of richly annotated text, including Sherlock Holmes' stories and some of their many translations.  This led to a course on "Detecting Meaning with Sherlock Holmes," which he will be presenting at the convention.

Finnagain is a femslash enthusiast, podcaster with the Three Patch Podcast, fandom stats analyst, and podficcer. BBC Sherlock was the gateway to a great many (and many great) things fannish and Sherlockian, and with so many people to meet and so much to explore, Finn keeps forgetting to look for a way out. 

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