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Artists Alley

Artists subject to change

Ivorylungs is living, breathing proof that addiction isn't always a bad thing.

Maia is a Sherlock fan and art enthusiast. The reason why she named her blog meetingyourmaker is for her to avoid procrastination. The name works as a nice reminder to finish her WIPs. For her day job, she works in HR. Although she considers art as a hobby, she frequently thinks about drawing and fantasizes about being able to draw better. She does traditional and digital art work but is recently into making comic-type fan art.  

Krispy-Bits is an illustrator, animator, and victorian literature enthusiast from Chicago, IL. 

​Cara McGee is a graduate of SCAD where she spent many years learning how to draw comic books. She now puts that knowledge to use creating fandom based tea blends because why not, life is weird like that. She still enjoys comics and draws them frequently, and most of them concern food. You may have seen her crying over Sherlock and other fandoms and pushing tea on her tumblr.​

Saki is a freelance illustrator and college student majoring in Studio Arts. She loves creating art inspired by her favorite fandoms, from video games to Sherlock, and loves bringing characters to life. Saki is stuck in Sherlock hell. Please save her. You can find her fanart on her art blog and her Storenvy!

Amy Zen is a self trained artist from Southern California. Focusing on digital work, she has a penchant for bold colors and portraiture, and as a result of being in limbo between high school and college, she has quite a lot of time to focus on her craft. She got seriously into art partially because of the Sherlock fandom, and is still active in it today. 

Kelley Fesmire (anotherwellkeptsecret/penumbra) has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, but chooses to orient her talents toward the cyber world rather than the real one; drawing comics by moonlight, fitting wedding parties by daylight. Introduced to the magic of fanfiction at the ripe age of 17, Kelley has explored her talents with a number of fandoms over the past ten years. It's hard to track down her older work due to the fact that she never uses the same screen name twice, but she has drawn/written for Kim Possible, Kingdom Hearts, Gundam Wing AC, The Big Bang Theory, and Sherlock. Kelley is best known for her Sherlock fanart/fanfiction on her tumblr.

CaptainDog11 Crafts (AKA John or DangerJohn) has been obsessed with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson since 2011 and has been crocheting their likenesses from the start. Eventually, they realized that they had too many of these plushies and started selling them on Etsy. They've expanded to other fandoms and other handmade goods (apparel, bags, jewelry) but always come back to 221B. They live in Minnesota, where they read a lot, watch a lot, keep bees, and try to make their own films. They can be found on Etsy, on tumblr, and their fandom/personal tumblr

Inchells is a part time student and part time fanartist from Los Angeles, CA. She likes to draw out 'awwww's and 'Ahhhhh's from her viewers with her fanart. Inchells has participated in numerous fandoms these past years and is happy to be back into her first fandom foray: Sherlock.

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