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Applications for Panelists, Artists, and Vendors

Panelists:​ We are always looking for artists, writers, vidders, podficcers, playwrights, historians, professors, and pretty much anyone that does something Sherlockian. Please email to tell us why you think you would make a great panelist for Sherlock Seattle. Please note any relevant experience with conventions and public speaking, the topics and areas in which you are knowledgeable and skilled in, your scholarship in these areas, any panel or event ideas that you would like to propose, and any other information that you think we might find useful. While we accept applications from panelists from previous years, we make an effort to bring new voices to the fore first. That said, great applications with innovative ideas for panels will always sway our decisions.

​Artists: We are looking for artists who would be interested in either having a table for displaying and selling their artwork throughout the convention  in the Dealers Room or who would like to sign up for time slots in our Artists Alley. While we prefer it if artists have at least some work that is Sherlockian, artists can show and sell works of all different subject matter and related popular fandoms. Please email
to let us know if you want a table for the weekend or a time slot in the Artists Alley and a description or pictures of the work you are interested in displaying/selling.

​Vendors: We are looking for vendors who are interested in selling throughout the convention. Sherlockian items and related paraphernalia are preferred, but general literary, geeky, period and fandom products are also welcome. Please
email to let us know what sort of product you are selling and we will get back to you with sizes, costs, and availability.
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