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Dealers Room


The Dealers Room will be open Friday: 1:00-8:00, Saturday: 10-6, and Sunday: 10:00-3:30


221b-bakingstreet (Sarah) supports her twin passions of Holmsian pastiche and pastry with a line of Sherlock themed home decor, teatime paraphernalia, bags and aprons. She also creates smaller collections for the Cabin Pressure, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek and Hobbit Fandoms and takes custom orders. 

Clockwork and Cthulhu has been a devoted and loyal fangirl since the early 1980s. While open for custom orders, Clockwork and Cthulhu specialises in her personal obsessions of Sherlock, the Hobbit and Doctor Who, and offers you fandom inspired teddy bears and jewelry. 

Fox Estacado specializes in fine fan art and geeky products featuring multiple fandoms, including Sherlock, Harry Potter, and The X-Files. Her high quality art-printed specialty items include limited edition prints, dog tags, pouches, tote bags, and more. Her "Ask Me About My Ship" shirts are the ultimate gifts for Johnlock, Destiel, and Thorki shippers! And if you forgot your underpants, don't worry, Fox Estacado has you covered, with cheeky, hand-printed, Sherlock-themed undies! 

LuvCherie Jewelry's mission is to help increase the happiness, self-confidence, and success of our fellow geeks (and non-geeks) through our jewelry designs. This in turn increases our own happiness, self-confidence, and success and feeds our mission. It is a never-ending circle, an Ouroboros, an infinity loop. Your happiness is our happiness is your happiness. 

Optimystical Studios specializes in hand-crafted geek & fandom jewelry that incorporates everything from Doctor Who to comics to ladies of the scientific world. Not limited to our geeky creations, we also design beautiful stone jewelry for our Gaia's line, as well as jewelry with a social conscience for our Representation line.

Two geeky booksellers, Brynn Watson and Ahren Paulson, started up Otherworlds in 2012 to have a place to enthuse about and promote local artists, game makers, authors, and everything else we're gleeful about!  

Stitchy (aka Buneesi on tumblr) is a rabid- err... rabbit fan of Sherlock Holmes, and is well known for her cuddly creations in the Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Marvel Universes. Raised by clowns and educated as costume designer, Stitchy currently runs The Stitchy Button fulltime as a pan-fandom craft professional. 

Sunofapirate is an adult store you can take your mother to, chock full of abominations you can cuddle up to all night long.  With both original plush toys and fandom works as well as the option to take commissions, we got your nerd needs covered.  Come by and say Ahoyahoy.

Tamera of T.M. Originals makes creative, artistic, and distinctive original handmade jewelry and accessories incorporating Goth, Steampunk, Neo Victorian, and Sci-fi/Fantasy themes. She uses a variety of mediums in her work including bead weaving, riveting, Ice Resin, wire work, and metalsmithing. She is also dedicated to the reuse and upcycling of found objects.

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