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Special Guests

Guests subject to change.


Lawrence "Larry" Albert is currently the longest running English language radio(audio) Dr. Watson. He has been playing Dr. Watson for 17 years for Jim French Productions, Inc. in 116 pastiches and 49 stories from the canon. He also plays Harry Nile the lead character in Jim French's flagship series, The Adventures of Harry Nile. Albert stepped into the role of Nile when Phil Harper passed away several years ago. A Seattle based stage actor Albert recently finished a run in Fiddler on the Roof a role this father of four daughters has long coveted. 

BelladonnaQ is a Seattle social media community manager by day, and a freelance writer by night. Currently, she is a fanfic author in the Sherlock BBC fandom specializing in every crazy AU you can think of, although her other works include Hannibal, Captain America and Star Trek AOS. She is also a recovering vegetarian and gets physically uncomfortable if a week passes in Seattle without rain. You can can catch her on Tumblr and read her works on AO3. She will be performing at the Mystery Sherlock Theater 1895.

Earthy is a writer and web designer who has been obsessed with Sherlock Holmes since middle school, when she wrote a story from the point of view of a certain deerstalker.  These days she works with several fan conventions, crafts all the crafty things, and tries to write past the fear.  If cornered, she is likely to go on about feminism in pop culture, Why Watson Is Not An Idiot, and how much she loves video games. She will be performing at the Mystery Sherlock Theater 1895.

Gordon E. Frye has always been fascinated with both History and Weapons.  Found “talking guns” with some “Old Timer” in Death Valley when he was 3, he hasn’t changed much. Gordon’s interests led him to film work where he has assaulted the Alamo, commanded Horse Cavalry, and has portrayed soldiers, sailors, cowboys and even an Afghan Freedom-fighter.  He earned a Master’s Degree in Western History and teaches US and Naval History at Navy College at Naval Base Kitsap in Bremerton, WA. He will be exhibiting his collection at The Weapons of Sherlock panel.

Kris 'Pepper' Hambrick was once a junior member of the Wigmore Street Post Office and the Dangling Prussian, after a PBS encounter with Jeremy Brett at an impressionable age. She can now be seen as a performance science educator, laser artist, and the only (known) local woman regularly portraying Captain James T. Kirk on stage.

Jen (strangelock) has been obsessed with Sherlock Holmes since Jeremy Brett first smirked across the A&E airwaves 18 years ago, but only discovered the Sherlock fandom three years ago. Since then she's been an insatiable consumer of fan fic and fan art, which inspired her first spot of fanalytics with an analysis of asexual fic in AO3. She is also the maker of The Baker Street Box and lately is working on fanfic typesetting and book design. Jen is an information architect (studying and attempting to make useful the intersection of information, technology, and people) and hopes to apply these skills to fandom. 

Kashena Jade Konecki grew up in the Midwest and moved to Seattle to attend university. Her favorite mood could be described as "fancy" which she indulges by drinking champagne and wearing ballgowns in her apartment. Kashena is the Vice President of The Sound of the Baskervilles, a scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars, and focuses most of her attention and energy on newer interpretations of the Great Detective, though her love of reading means she has a huge stack of annotated volumes she peruses in the bath. Kashena will be speaking on the panel To Each Their Own: The Many Faces of Fandom.

John Patrick Lowrie has played Sherlock Holmes in 95 of Jim French Productions' pastiches (The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) and 48 of the Doyle canon stories. He also directs both series and acts in many of the company's other shows, from Harry Nile to Movies for Your Mind. He is an accomplished stage actor, musician, singer, composer, voice over artist in various games (Sniper in Team Fortress 2) and has written a well-received Sci-Fi book titled: Dancing with Eternity.

Alison Luhrs is an actor, playwright, and improviser. She has co-written three full-length plays and is also a founder of the local theatre company Mirum Mirum productions. Alison performs regularly at Jet City Improv and is currently ensemble member and Assistant Director for their improvised Sherlock Holmes show (playing now!). She co-wrote Vicious and Vulgar, which premiered at last years’ Sherlock Seattle.

Airy Maher is a Brazilian-American who spent her formative years in Singapore and Japan. Currently residing in Bellevue, WA, she is an active member of the Sound of the Baskervilles and the John H. Watson Society. Inspired by the writings of Bert Coules, she currently studies the history of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson on the radio. She will be speaking on the panels Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson on the Air and To Each Their Own: The Many Faces of Fandom.

Lauren Messenger is a member of the Seattle area Baker Street Irregular scion society, The Sound of the Baskervilles. She first joined the group in November of 2013, after meeting members at  Sherlock Seattle, and has had many adventures with them since (including epic carpools and attending the throwing of a wreath over a waterfall, accompanied by live violin music). She lugged around a copy of the Complete Sherlock Holmes as a high school student, and is very pleased to now carry a digital version instead! She is currently a graduate student at UW, studying Museology. When she’s not working on her thesis, she can be found baking cookies, and reading comics.

James Romnes shares a Watsonian interest, surgical pathology. For the last 30 years he has been what Victorians might have referred to as  a surgical 'dresser' or Physicians' Assistant. Somewhere James contracted a severe case of Webley obsession and became feverish over the history of the British revolver. This lead to an article entitled, 'Sherlock Holmes the Armed Citizen' published in 'Gun News' journal of the Washington Arms Collector. When not ranting about the products of Birmingham gun manufacturers James is usually in tweeds. He will be exhibiting his collection at The Weapons of Sherlock panel.

Sammy Scott is a Seattle-based playwright and theatre artist. Her plays have been staged across the city, most recently seen at NPA's Salon Readings at the Seattle Repertory Theatre. Vicious and Vulgar, co-written with her artistic partner Alison Luhrs, is Scott's first foray into what the two have coined "fan-theater," a self-referential exploration of what it means to have a relationship with fictional work. She is excited to be bringing V&V back to its' home stage! Aside from working in the theater, Scott enjoys filling her days with all things geek-related, spanning from wondering what conditioner Benedict Cumberbatch uses to saving the galaxy with to her Turian boyfriend.

SCHEME (Shirtless CHaps Engaged in Manly Enterprises) is the performance troupe of BWAHAHA, Seattle's Bartitsu Club. Under the expert coaching of Mr. Nathan Barnett and Mr. Timothy Ruzicki, we demonstrate several different manly arts, including club swinging, la canne (French walking stick combat), single stick, pugilism (bare-knuckle boxing), cutlass and general deportment. Our goal is to educate, entertain, and of course impress with our extreme masculinity. Attendant ladies of a delicate nature may wish to equip themselves with smelling salts in case they are overcome by our primal and robust brawn.

Berlynn Wohl is an octopus in a Russian fur hat that sometimes writes fan fiction. No one knows why. She will be performing at the Mystery Sherlock Theater 1895.

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