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Programming and schedule subject to change


 For schedule grids, please click the day of interest

Friday 12:00pm - 10:30pm  •  Saturday 10:00am-10:30pm  •  Sunday 9:30am-5:00pm



• Art Jam

Come and hang out with your favorite artists and make art! This is a fun, mellow event where artists can hang out with one another, chat, and sketch in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All levels of experience are welcome! There will be some materials available, but we encourage everyone to bring their own materials if possible.


Session 1: Archia, Kelley Fesmire, Katya, Fyodor Pavlov


Session 2: Polly Guo, Cara McGee, rutobuka, 

Threadear, Angela Wong

• Closing Ceremony

Join us on the final for Sherlock Seattle's traditional Closing Ceremony, where we say goodbye and thank you to our wonderful guests and finish the convention out with a music video show!

GOH Tim Johnson, Mimi Noyes (M), GOH Peggy Perdue


• Cosplay Contest

Check out the great Sherlock Seattle cosplay contest! Have fun! Win prizes!All you have to do to join in the fun is pick up a entry form at the Information Table at the convention and, of course, be in costume!

Mimi Noyes (M)


• Create Your Own Panel

Do you wish you could create your own panel or find people to talk about the things that you want to talk about? Well, now you can! In the Diogenes Club, we will have a table set aside and a sign-up board for those who wish to talk to other Sherlockians about something that you're interested in right now! Just sign up for a time slot and write up a short description of what the panel is going to be about so others can get excited to come!

Available as Open Programming in the Diogenes Club


• The Eternal Holmes in Popular Culture

From the very beginning, Sherlock Holmes comfortably found his place in popular media and culture and has continued to do so to this day. GOH and curator Tim Johnson will trace this arc of Holmes popularity from early print media to the big screen and online media and  in the process, discuss how Holmes became such an iconic figure.  

GOH Tim Johnson

• The Game is Afoot!


"But what's the game, Mr. Holmes—what's the game?”


“Ay, what's the game?” my friend repeated thoughtfully.


White Mason chuckled and rubbed his fat hands together in his professional satisfaction. “I said it was a snorter!” he cried. “And a real snorter it is!”


- "The Valley of Fear"


Play the 2015 Sherlock Seattle game by completing the crossword puzzle found at the Information Table and then following the subsequent clues! You'll unscramble a code phrase, interact with a cosplayer and go on a bit of a hunt. Present your findings to Registration and prove you're just as clever as the Great Detective himself. Now go - the game is afoot!


• The Game is On!
There will be a set of games available in the Diogenes Club at all times for those who want some quiet time or just to socialize with others while learning and playing a variety of mystery games including Sherlock Cluedo, Kill Doctor Lucky, Scotland Yard, Sherlock Seattle's edition of Cards Against Humanity and others!


• Guest of Honor Tea Party

Come and join us as we honor our two GOHs, Tim Johnson and Peggy Perdue! There will be scumptious sandwiches, cookies, treats and, of course, tea! Tickets are available now and we recommend purchasing them in advance before they sell out!


VIP Member tickets are only $5

Basic Member tickets are $15


If the Tea Party doesn't sell out in advance, tickets will be available for purchase at the Registration Table.

• Live Livestreaming!

Fabulous fan artists will pair off as the audience challenges each of them to draw a specific prompt in five minutes! As for the prompts, as long as it includes something Sherlockian, any thing goes! Which one will create the superior drawing? Who will get the most laughs or the most applause? Come and find out!

Kelley Fesmire, rutobuka, Angela Wong


• Meet the Artists

Come to the Artists Alley and meet some of your favorite artists! This informal social will allow everyone to mingle and hang out, talk to artists, meet some new ones, see what they make, and maybe purchase some art! 


• Meet the Authors

Come to the Diogenes Club and meet some of your favorite authors! This informal social (with light brunch treats) will allow everyone to mingle and hang out, talk to your favorite authors and meet some new ones! 

• Mystery Sherlock Theater 1895 returns!

Yes, once again our special guests will lambast and mock one of the worst Sherlock films ever made. Can you guess which one it will be?

BelladonnaQ, Earthy, Berlynn Wohl


• The Questionable Case of the Pub Quiz
Rare is the person, young or old, who couldn’t instantly identify the man with chiseled facial features and a deerstalker cap, puffing on a clay pipe, and staring intensely into a magnifying glass. When Sherlock Holmes cries, “Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot,” no explanation is necessary. But just how well do you know your Holmes? For over a century after he stepped from the pages of Arthur Conan Doyle’s first detective story, the greatest sleuth of all time has popped up in pastiches and parodies, books and cartoons, television and film! So step out of your hansom cab and onto the foggy streets of London to try your hand at some Sherlock Homes trivia, pub quiz style!

Kathleen Kaska

• SCHEME - Shirtless CHaps Engaged in Manly Enterprises!

In the Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Empty House, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle described a martial art form that was later given the name Baritsu. This is most likely a misspelling of the actual martial art of bartitsu, which was practiced in Britain during the time the Sherlock Holmes stories were written. Come see a demonstration of this eclectic form of martial art!

Presented by SCHEME, the performance division of BWAHAHAHA!

• Sherlock Show & Tell

Have something cool and unique and Sherlockian that you wish you could show off to all your friends? Well, now you can! During this special event, everyone is invited to bring their special something - a handmade doll, an original drawing, a bust of Sherlock made out of popsicle sticks - and show it off to everyone else! Come to show, come to tell, and come to see!


• The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Today's Sherlockian fandom is part of a tradition that has lasted well over a century. GOH and curator Peggy Perdue will give an illustrated talk about the history of parodies and pastiches featuring the Great Detective while introducing the resources available in the Toronto Public Library's Arthur Conan Doyle Collection.

GOH Peggy Perdue

• Vicious & Vulgar returns!

​Arthur Conan Doyle has risen from the grave, and he's upset! In Vicious and Vulgar, playwrights Sammy Scott and Alison Luhrs re-imagine the literary hero and wonder aloud: what would he think of all of the fanfiction, cosplaying and conventions happening in modern times? A grumpy and abrasive reanimation, Doyle manifests Holmes and Watson in modern, female forms in attempts to prove to his audience that they have wasted their time. Throwing in a Granada Holmes and a certain mouse detective, this play explores the themes, characters, and relationships in Doyle's classics with a contemporary twist.

This year, creators Scott and Luhrs have decided to get down to basics, performing this piece of "fantheatre" like many of your beloved radio podcasts. This newer, edited, sleeker version of "Vicious and Vulgar" will be about the words, with Scott, Luhrs, and the rest of the ensemble doing a live reading of the script, with a few costumes, songs, and maybe a sock puppet or two thrown in!

Alison Luhrs, Sammy Scott


• Writing Workshop

Do you have a story you'd like to workshop with other fandom writers? Do you want to see what the writing process is like for others? This session will involve small-group workshop sessions led by   some of our panelist writers. Participants can share in-progress stories, experiment with prompts, and will have the opportunity to give and receive feedback and advice. Participation is limited to the first 40 respondents. If you are interested in participating in the Writing Workshop, please email earlgreytea68  to reserve your spot!

Archia, Earlgreytea68 (M), Kelley Fesmire, Emma Grant, Michi

Artwork copyright Fyodor Pavlov

Artwork copyright Fyodor Pavlov

Artwork copyright Fyodor Pavlov





• Animation & Art
From making short animated film to making animated gifs our artists will walk you through the various tools and techniques you can use to make your art come alive and further your appreciation for the art of animation.

Kelley Fesmire, Polly Guo, rutobuka (M), Angela Wong


• Better with Beta
You could write that fanfic all by yourself, but nothing beats a good beta reader or co-author by your side. Navigating the writing partner waters can be a challenging task, so what are the benefits of inviting someone into your process? What makes for a successful writing partner relationship? How do you go about finding your beta? Is one beta enough, or do you need different things from different betas, be they SPAG betas, cultural betas, or those betas that fire your imagination and bring out the best in your work?

Esterbrook (M), ishipanarmada, shinysherlock, Destination Toast


• Brave New Worlds: Creating AUs
Holmes and Watson seem to have a knack for finding each other in any universe. We in turn seem quite drawn to reading and writing about Holmes and Watson existing in alternate universes. What are the joys and challenges of writing AUs and crossovers, and why do readers find them so appealing? How do you create a new universe (or borrow one) for them and make it fit? We'll talk about world building in AU fics - everything from slight tweaks of canon to entirely new realities. We'll also talk about the importance of making our favorite characters recognizable even if their surroundings are different. 

Archia, Earlgreytea, ishipanarmada, Michi, shinysherlock (M)


• Bunnies to Betas: The Fanfic Writing Process
Writing fanfic is a great way for new and experienced writers to work on their craft. So let's talk writing! This panel will explore how to open up your writing process; how to determine which techniques work for you and which don't. How do you start and plan a project? What techniques do you use in your work? How do you make it through the marathon of a longer story? And what do you do when writer's block strikes? Whether you write fic or original work, come geek out and discuss how to build a story, from the initial idea (“plot bunny”) to the finished, polished tale.

Emma Grant (M), ishipanarmada, Mars, shinysherlock


• Celebrating Difference
Many have argued that ACD’s Sherlock Holmes represents the ideal Victorian gentleman who protects society from the fearful and foreign. However, various modern-day adaptations present Holmes quite differently. This panel will examine how contemporary reincarnations of the world’s only consulting detective embrace and embody the outcast. BBC’s Sherlock is no gentleman but rather “the most unpleasant, rude, ignorant, and all around obnoxious asshole” who asks his brother Mycroft, “Why would anyone mind being different?” Drug use was not unusual during the Victorian era, but in Elementary, Holmes is a recovering addict in a contemporary society where drug use is illegal. We will explore how these modern-day detectives encourage us to celebrate difference, rather than fear or reject it in either others or ourselves.

GOH Tim Johnson, Kathleen Kaska, John Longenbaugh, Ashley Morford (M)


• The Collecting Craze

When you first start collecting something it often starts off quite innocently, but often snowballs into a rabid obsession and treasure hunting. Both panelists and audience members will share their passion for collecting, recounting their favorite stories of how they got into it or their best find, as well as sharing tips on where to look for hard-to-find items, what is involved with protecting your investment, and the differences between those who keep their collection pristine and sealed versus those who want to touch and play with their beloved treasures.

GOH Tim Johnson, John Longenbaugh (M), GOH Peggy Perdue


• Copyright! 
With the new changes with regard to the ACD estate, what are the restrictions and possibilities with regard to copyright, both in the arenas of writing and art? There's a lot to be said about its application to the distinction between parody, adaptation, pastiche, and fanfiction, too. Who "legitimizes" content? How can one seek or create their own legitimacy?

Archia, Earlgreytea68, Stitchy (M), Amy Zen


• A Curious Collection of Alternate Universes 
Sherlock Holmes lends itself easily to AUs, as the BBC’s “Sherlock” and “Elementary” makes clear. Fandom has joyfully leapt into the fray, with an AU for practically every taste. Why are we drawn to AUs? What about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson allow them to translate so well into alternate universes? What are considered the hallmarks of a good AU? What are the most popular AUs? Why are some AUs more popular than others? Is there something about the canon that favors certain AUs over other AUs?

Earlgreytea68 (M), ishipanarmada, Katya, Mars


• Fandom in the Workplace
A panel of working professionals in a variety of fields talk about fandom and how it's helped or hindered their professional lives. Should people separate their fandom social media presence from their professional social media presence? How does this intersect with how queer issues and women are perceived in the workplace? How separate are our fandom lives from our "real" lives?

Earlgreytea68 (M), Esterbrook, Kelley Fesmire, Polly Guo, Threadear


• The Great TJLC Debate
What is TJLC? Why does it sometimes ignite so much passion in supporters and detractors? Come to a respectful, high-spirited panel on the merits and possibilities of TJLC and its impact on fandom.

Kelley Fesmire, Emma Grant (M), Mars, Ashley Morford, rutobuka


• I Invented The Job: Professional Fanwork

Whether by accident or intention, there are a variety of careers that have arisen in fannish pursuit. Fanartists, playwrights, and scholars (and many more!) have carved out niches in the community and tangle with matters like self-employment, copyright, cons and networking, and a never ending influx of new adaptations. Throw into the mix the young fanworker crowd's anxiety about being an "out" fan and the tenuous relationship with media perception and The Fourth Wall- this panel would be a chance for a bit of specialized consulting in the spirit of our favorite freelancer.

Archia, Cara McGee, Stitchy (M), Amy Zen


• The Modern Sherlock Holmes
The creation of BBC’s Sherlock and CBS’s Elementary has taken Sherlock Holmes and placed him in the modern world and in doing so has brought a huge new fanbase to ACD’s beloved characters. What are the similarities and differences between these two shows and just how far afield do they stray from the canon work? Where is the balance between adhering to the canon and making the stories and characters more meaningful to a modern audience?

GOH Tim Johnson, John Longenbaugh (M), Ashley Morford, Amy Zen


• Mr. Holmes & Dr. Watson On The Air

Who was the young actress that introduced Sherlock Holmes to living rooms across America? Who is a more terrifying "Moriarty" - Andrew Scott or Orson Welles? If you enjoy audio productions such as "Welcome to Night Vale" and "Cabin Pressure," there are hundreds of fantastic Sherlockian radio dramatizations waiting for you to discover. Gather 'round and listen in on a panel of enthusiasts that will feature one of the most well-known performers of "Dr. John H. Watson" in the modern radio era: Lawrence "Larry" Albert from "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes."

Lawrence "Larry" Albert, Airy Maher (M)


• Non-Traditional Fanart
We're all familiar with the endless forms of wonderful fanart that we see online, but what about the less traditional forms of art? From puppets to baked goods, from dolls to fashion to miniatures to whatever you can imagine, we'll explore and discuss these non-traditional forms of fanart!

Cara McGee, GOH Peggy Perdue, Stitchy (M), Threadear, Amy Zen


• Omegaverse

What is omegaverse? Where did it come from? And what’s the deal with knotting? This panel takes a look at an alternate universe that has captivated writers and readers (and other creators) across a multitude of fandoms. What is the secret of its immense appeal? It is a universe that not only explores sexual dynamics, but can also serve as subversive social commentary on gender identity/gender roles/queer oppression. (18+ only)

Archia, Michi (M), rutobuka


• Only in Fandom
A discussion of storytelling tropes and techniques that are common in fanfiction/fan creations, but not in mainstream media. Why do some forms of storytelling (fusions and crossovers, AUs, prompt fics and challenge fics, collaborative storytelling between artists and writers, roleplay stories, drabbles, 221Bs and more) and some tropes and themes (hurt/comfort, friends to lovers, fluff) show up so much more in fandom than in mainstream media? What’s easier, harder, or different about storytelling in fandom vs. non-fannish channels?

Emma Grant, Katya, Michi (M), Destination Toast


• Out of London
London, England a life force that becomes a character of its own in Sherlock Holmes canon; its intricate alleyways and constant thrum form an environment that is deeply cherished by the consulting detective. London likewise loves Holmes as can be seen by his statue outside Baker St. Station and lines that wind around the block for the Sherlock Holmes Museum. Holmes and London seem to be inextricable from one another. But does removing Holmes from London necessarily have to be perceived as a negative? This panel will explore the opportunities and potential effects of taking Holmes outside of London and placing him in a new setting. What new insights might re-locating Holmes and his world provide about our own spaces? What can re-locating Holmes teach us about issues, fears, and cultures in spaces outside of London and Britain?

GOH Tim Johnson, John Longenbaugh, Ashley Morford (M)


• The Politics of Fanporn 
A look at fan-created erotic material through a feminist lens. In this panel we will discuss fanporn as an exploration of women’s sexuality, and the revolutionary implications of erotic material created by women for women. Are women drawn to fan erotica because mainstream culture does not cater to their needs? Why is slash fandom so popular amongst women? Why is fandom such a female-dominated space? And what does this mean for fandom and fanporn?  (18+ only)

Emma Grant, Michi (M)


• Retirement Holmes: Dangerously Ever After

Arthur Conan Doyle made Holmes and Watson drift so far apart in their later years that by the time of "His Last Bow," the one-time partners hadn't seen each other in the better part of a decade. Laurie King's "Beekeeper's Apprentice" novels even have Holmes spending his retirement years married to and solving crimes with a much younger woman. But it's hard not to believe that the detective and his doctor retired to Sussex together. Many of us have even written fic imagining what that might look like and how they might have got there. Why is it so important to us that Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, in all their incarnations, end up sharing their retirement — and how do we choose to raise that longing from subtext to text?

Esterbrook (M), John Longenbaugh, Mars


• Self Publishing Comics and Writing
In this day and age more and more people are turning to self publishing rather than trying to find a publisher interested in selling their work. What are the benefits of self-publishing? Is it worth it still to seek a publisher? How can one go about self-publishing? What are resources for people that can't/don't want to self-publish but don't want to go with the traditional publishing model?

Archia, Cara McGee, Earlgreytea68 (M)


• The Sherlock We Deserve

Throughout the years Sherlock Holmes returns to us again and again, but each time he is a little different than before. He fought Nazis in the Basil Rathbone films and explored drugs and identity in the 7% Solution. Laurie King's works introduce a feminist perspective, and current modern portrayals explore addiction, Aspergers and ADHD, and the latest in cutting edge technology. In this panel will explore how and more importantly why we specifically reinvent Sherlock Holmes to reflect the needs and the issues of the time.

Kris Hambrick (M), GOH Tim Johnson, John Longenbaugh, Fyodor Pavlov, GOH Peggy Perdue

• Sherlockian Fandom Stats
How active is the Sherlock Holmes fandom, and how has that changed over time? What are the popular AUs, crossovers, ships, and tropes? We’ll look at Tumblr, DeviantArt, and several major fanfic archives. And we’ll cover many flavors of Sherlock Holmes -- BBC, Elementary, RDJ, ACD, and more!
Jen/Strangelock, Destination Toast
• A Study in Watsons
What makes a Watson a Watson? How have Watsons changed across adaptations and what remains constant? We’ll start with a short presentation focusing on seven iconic Watsons, and then open up the discussion to audience participation.
John Longenbaugh, Fyodor Pavlov, shinysherlock (M), Destination Toast
• Think Kink
Many well-known fanworks have kink as a defining theme. Despite this, kink is never discussed. Why is this? Fanworks cannot only serve as exploration of sexuality, they can also entertain controversial subject matter in a safe space. People who are already kinky find the freedom to express themselves, while others can be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking. Is there a stigma attached to kink? Can one gain an understanding of what kink is through exposure to fanwork? Are there certain character dynamics that encourage a kink reading? (18+ only)
Archia, Emma Grant, Michi (M), rutobuka

• Three Patch Podcast Live: All the Ships

Join the Three Patch Podcast in a lively discussion of shipping in the Sherlock fandom. In this panel, we'll focus on the wonderful array of non-Johnlock ships in our fandom. We'll discuss what we love about these ships, where to find art and fiction for them, and the importance of making space for everyone in a fandom that is often dominated by Johnlock. Note that this discussion will be recorded and an edited version will be included in a future episode of the podcast.

Emma Grant (M)

• To Each Their Own: The Many Faces of Fandom

Who is your Sherlock? Your Watson? Members from the Sound of the Baskervilles, a Seattle-based Scion Society of the Baker Street Irregulars, will be meeting to discuss the characters that made them fans and the collections and interests that followed. Who was the Sherlock that piqued your interest? What tangible and intangible artifacts do you collect? How has the internet and mixed media changed the availability of fanfiction and art? How has Sherlockiana evolved in the digital age? Join us as we discuss all of these questions and more.

Kashena Jade Konecki, Airy Maher, Lauren Messenger

• The Women
The Ritchie films, BBC Sherlock, and Elementary all have unique takes on canonical female characters, such as Irene Adler, Mary Morstan, and Mrs. Hudson, as well as original female characters such as Molly Hooper and Sally Donovan. How (and why) do the recent adaptations amplify and alter the role of women from the original stories? How do these women fit within the framework of a Holmes and Watson-focused narrative? What draws us to these particular women and what hopes do we have for their characters in the future?
Kathleen Kaska, Katya, Michi, Ashley Morford  (M)
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