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Artists Alley


Check back to see all the newest artists attending Sherlock Seattle!


Archia (aka deuxexmycroft on AO3) is a hobbyist artist, writer and comicker from New Zealand and the UK who has been in the BBC Sherlock fandom since the show first aired, under various aliases. She prefers consuming and creating alternate universe fanworks, especially those that delve into the 'dark' sides of Sherlock fandom.

Ilana Brodsky aka Bskizzle: is a self-taught fanartist who is currently living in Chicago. By day she tells people to turn off and on their computer and by night she loves to escape to her hobbit hole to read comics, draw, and play video games. 

Danais (aka vellium) is an illustration student currently studying in Philadelphia, who enjoys drawing overly fluffy artwork for the fandom. 

Dee  is an artist with a BA in Studio Art who later decided to sell books by day, and draw nerdy things by night. Sie wandered into BBC Sherlock fandom one day out of curiosity, sat down, drew a lot, found a bunch of new friends, and looked up to find that years had passed. Sie especially loves all the fantasy and sci-fi AUs that pop up, and currently enjoys combining sier fandoms by drawing Sherlock characters in Jedi tunics.

 Inchells is a fanartist and a student looking to improve art along with hearts through art. 

Kelley Fesmire (anotherwellkeptsecret) has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, but chooses to orient her talents toward the cyber world rather than the real one; drawing comics by moonlight, fitting wedding parties by daylight. Kelley is best known for her Sherlock fanart on her tumblr.

Taryn Knight (aka taryndraws) is a self-taught artist and illustrator currently based in Colorado, working mainly in digital media and is best known on the internet for her fan art. She began watching BBC Sherlock shortly after the third season aired, and has since become a passionate fan of Sherlock Holmes and its many forms.

Cara McGee is a graduate of SCAD where she spent many years learning how to draw comic books. She still enjoys comics and draws them frequently, and most of them concern food. 

Fyodor Pavlov creates art primarily through the medium of watercolor and ink. The stylistic artistry of Pavlov's illustration places a distinct emphasis on detail when addressing subjects spanning from the Edwardian Era and the Jazz Age to muses of our current day. Fyodor has been a fan of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson since his grandma first introduced him to the Russian translations of the stories.

Reapersun is infamous on tumblr and in Sherlock fandom circles for her amazing artwork and generosity of spirit. She is the co-founder of Let's Draw Sherlock and the creator of the "red pants" fanon meme. This year she will only be with us in spirit - that is to say, she won't be attending the convention, but her artwork will! We'll be selling her books for her in the Artists Alley.

rutobuka is a wannabe comic artist who has a hard time describing her own fandom work. She's a horror/suspense lover who would like to have a better day job in the videogame industry. Also, she tries to be cool about drawing adult illustrations and says it is to break a taboo, but it is widely known that she simply loves drawing butts. 

Sketchlock is an illustrator who works primarily through dry and digital mediums who is fascinated by puzzles. She is, within the Sherlock fandom, most likely associated with Rubik cubes and baby seals. To this day she is still figuring out how to hold all these seals.

Erika (aka Sky Dragons) recently did the math and realized she's been making stuffed dragons for half her life, and decided that maybe this hobby is around to stay. Fandom dragons are a new and fun development in her dragon horde. She also makes stuffed axolotls and giant squid from time to time.

Studio Catawampus contains the various artistic fiddlings of Rebecca Flaum, an artist, designer, and nerd who specializes in quirky imaginative realism and emotive portraiture. She lives in Portland with her partner and an enormous cat who thinks he's a dog. She vehemently denies all rumors that dragons like to hang out in her backyard, but neighbors have made reports.

As a fan artist in the online BBC Sherlock community, Threadear is generally in the habit of keeping her online pursuits separate from her ‘real life’ ones - namely, working as a professional artist, designer, and part-time instructor. However, that hasn’t stopped various other passions from cropping up into her fandom activities, and earlier this year she opened up her first online shop selling handmade goods - the Red Pants!!

Angela Wong (aka gingercatsneeze) is an animation student at SCAD. She loves BBC Sherlock, but is even more fascinated by the Sherlock AUs that are created by the Sherlockians themselves. She is better known in the fandom for her AU animation and art.

Amy Zen is a self trained artist from Southern California. Focusing on digital work, she has a penchant for bold colors and portraiture, and as a result of being in limbo between high school and college, she has quite a lot of time to focus on her craft. She got seriously into art partially because of the Sherlock fandom, and is still active in it today. 

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