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Programming for Sherlock Seattle 2013 



• Art Jam

Come and hang out with your favorite artists and make art! This is a fun, mellow event where artists can hang out with one another, chat, and sketch in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All levels of experience are welcome! There will be some materials available, but we encourage everyone to bring their own materials if possible.

Evelyn Clemente, Feyuca, Cara McGee, Sketchlock, Teabeforewar, Mallory Turner


• Autograph Session

Come meet Laurie King, Les Klinger, and Lee Shackleford to get your books signed and have a little one-on-one time with our Guests of Honor.

GOH Laurie King, GOH Les Klinger, GOH Lee Eric Shackleford

• Baritsu Demonstration

In the Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Empty House, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle described a martial art form that was later given the name Baritsu. This is most likely a misspelling of the actual martial art of bartitsu, which was practiced in Britain during the time the Sherlock Holmes stories were written. Come see a demonstration of this eclectic form of martial art and be transported back in time!

Presented by BWAHAHAHA


Caitlin Obom in Concert

Singer-songwriter Caitlin Obom has written a plethora of Sherlockian songs including "Purple Shirt", "My Seven Percent Solution", "Jumpers and Jam", and she's going to be performing them just for us! 

Caitlin Obom

• Cosplay Contest

Check out the great Sherlock cosplay contest! If you're interested in participating in the event, please CONTACT us! Have fun! Win prizes!

• The Game is On!
There will be a games corner that will be open at all times for those who want some quiet time or just to socialize with others while learning and playing a variety of mystery games including Sherlock Cluedo, Kill Doctor Lucky, Scotland Yard, Cards Against Humanity and others!

• The Great Game

Moran asked Moriarty, "Would you really turn someone into shoes if they didn't deliver on a promise?" Moriarty replied, "Of course I would. How do you think I got this snazzy [BLANK]?" Tune in to this Sherlockian take on The Match Game and watch our contestants compare their answers with those of our celebrity panel!


Interested in becoming a contestant? Drop by the Information table at the convention to enter your name into the drawing!

Evelyn Clemente, Katy Morgan, Chelsea Robinson, ​GOH Lee Eric Shackleford, Songlin, Lori Summers, Berlynn Wohl




• Holmes & Watson Reading

Join GOH Lee Eric Shackleford and guest panelist and playwright John Longenbaugh as they read through Shackleford's play, Holmes & Watson.

GOH Lee Eric Shackleford, John Longenbaugh


Dr. Watson tells us in The Final Problem how Sherlock Holmes died and in The Empty House how Holmes turned out to be alive after all. But Watson skipped over the immediate aftermath of Holmes' return, and Watson's reaction to the cruel trick Holmes played on his friend. Now at last the true story is revealed... "I have read HOLMES & WATSON and it held me riveted from first page to last. It dealt with the interrelationship of Holmes and Watson more deeply than Doyle ever bothered and gives Watson an absolutely fair shake -- and has a mystery, too. Bravo!" --Isaac Asimov

• The Laurie & Les Show

What happens when you have one "Serious Sherlockian" (Mr. Leslie S. Klinger) and one "completely frivolous pasticheuse" (Laurie R. King) who refuses to be intimidated by Mr. Klinger's scholarly acumen? Well, there's only one way to find out! Come and watch these two Guests of Honor go head to head. But look out! Sparks may fly!

GOH Laurie King, GOH Les Klinger

• Live Livestreaming!

Fabulous fan artists will pair off as the audience challenges each of them to draw a specific prompt in five minutes! As for the prompts, as long as it includes something Sherlockian, any thing goes! Which one will create the superior drawing? Who will get the most laughs or the most applause? Come and find out!

Evelyn Clemente, Feyuca, Cara McGee, Sketchlock, Teabeforewar, Mallory Turner


• Making Tea with Cara McGee

Many of you have had the delightful experience of drinking Cara McGee's fandom teas, now come learn how she makes them!

Cara McGee

• Meet Laurie King

Come and meet NY Times best selling author, Laurie R. King in this relaxed chat where Laurie will talk about her inspiration for the Mary Russell character and series, her novels, and answer all your Sherlockian questions.

GOH Laurie King, Tom Keogh (M)


• Meet the (Fan) Artists

Come to the Diogenes Club and meet some of your favorite fanartists! This informal social will allow everyone to mingle and hang out, talk to your favorite fan artists and meet some new ones! All fan artists will get a special ribbon!


• Meet the (Fan) Authors

Come to the Diogenes Club and meet some of your favorite fan authors! This informal social will allow everyone to mingle and hang out, talk to your favorite fan authors and meet some new ones! All fan authors will get a special ribbon!

• Mystery Science Theater 1895!

In the style of MST3K, our panel of comedians will mock, snark, and skewer one of the most terrible versions of Sherlock Holmes ever to "grace" the screen.

Katy Morgan, Berlynn Wohl 

• Sherlock Holmes and the Stolen Emerald

Join us for the US premiere screening of the fan-made short film Sherlock Holmes and the Stolen Emerald. Learn more about Stolen Emerald Productions and their plans to make more Sherlock short films!



"In the middle of a fancy ball, a gorgeous necklace is stolen. Sherlock Holmes is called to save the day, but is he really the genius that everyone expects? Or is Watson the only one who can solve that mystery? Sherlock Holmes and the Stolen Emerald is a steampunk adventure featuring the great detective and his side kick."


• Sherlock: The Game

Join us for a short presentation on Saturday on an exciting new fan-effort by Improbable Studios to create a crime solving puzzle RPG starring Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and the rest of your favorite characters from Sherlock! Visit their table in the Artists Alley on Saturday morning as well for a chance to win some great prizes!


• Vicious & Vulgar

​Arthur Conan Doyle has risen from the grave, and he's upset! In Vicious and Vulgar, playwrights Sammy Scott and Alison Luhrs re-imagine the literary hero and wonder aloud: what would he think of all of the fanfiction, cosplaying and conventions happening in modern times? A grumpy and abrasive reanimation, Doyle manifests Holmes and Watson in modern, female forms in attempts to prove to his audience that they have wasted their time. Throwing in a Granada Holmes and a certain mouse detective, this play explores the themes, characters, and relationships in Doyle's classics with a contemporary twist. 

Previously the Untitled Sherlock Project, Scott and Luhrs have created a piece of "fan theater," with the help of fans from across the world. Not quite comedy, and not quite drama, Vicious and Vulgar doesn't necessarily aim to answer any questions-- but urges that fans keep asking them.


• Writing Workshop

Do you have a story you'd like to workshop with other fandom writers, or do you want to see what others' writing process is like? This session will involve four small-group workshop sessions led by at least one of the panelist writers. Participants will share in-progress stories and have an opportunity to give and receive feedback on their own writing. Participation is limited to the first twenty respondents. If you are interested in participating, please email Songlin at to reserve your spot!

Liz Eckhart, Ben Signpost, Songlin (M), Lori Summers





• Animating Your Art

More and more often we see artists taking their images and creating simple animated gifs out of them. But just how hard (or simple) is it to do this? Come and learn about some techniques, programs, and tools to help you take your art and make it move!

Eve Clemente, Teabeforewar

• The Birth, Death, and Rebirth of Sherlock Holmes

How did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle get the idea for Sherlock Holmes in the first place? What made him kill off his most successful character? And why is it that he gave in to public pressure and brought him back even though he personally didn’t want to write any more stories? ​

GOH Laurie King, GOH Lee Eric Shackleford, Tom Keogh (M)

• Cosplay Connection: How Cosplay Expands on The Fandom Experience

What is it about cosplay that brings cosplayers to conventions in droves? Is it just the ability to dress up? The lure of being someone else for a day? The snap of cameras? This panel seeks to debunk some myths about cosplay, and explore what it is about cosplay that makes it so much a part of the fandom landscape as fanfiction and fanart.

Eddy Dughi (M), Lyra Ngalia, Chelsea Robinson, Mallory Turner

• Cosplay 101: From Closet to Convention

So, what exactly is cosplay? Do I need to have any special skills to do it? Why is everyone wearing a purple shirt? Do I have to sew, or can I just buy things? Where do I go to buy things? Cosplay, or costume play, has been a staple of conventions for ages, but the glut of modern Sherlock Holmes adaptations make it significantly easier to dip one's toe into the fun and exciting world of cosplay. This panel aims to discuss the dos and don't of convention cosplay, the differences between buying and making your costumes, and ways to cosplay without breaking the bank or (necessarily) learning how to sew.

Eddy Dughi, Lyra Ngalia (M), Chelsea Robinson, Mallory Turner

• The Elements of Slash

Most of us have read slash and loved it, but how exactly does it work? What are the nuts and bolts of writing a good sex scene? This panel will examine a few pieces to see how writers create their effects, with an eye toward some of the basic questions: how explicit should you be? what does "explicit" mean, anyway? Is it about how much metaphor you use? How many body parts you describe and how? Several writers will talk about their processes and take questions from the audience about how to go about this scariest of writing tasks. (18+)

Liz Eckhart (M), Chelsea Robinson, Ben Signpost, Songlin, Lori Summers, Berlynn Wohl

• Fandom 101

Just getting into fandom? Then you must have a lot of questions! Like, where are the best places to go find fandom? Where do you go to find fanfic and art? And then there’s all the jargon like OST, slash, fanon, shipping, cosplay, etc. Come to learn the basics of fandom and ask questions about things you’ve seen but just don’t understand.

Cara McGee (M), Chelsea Robinson, Ben Signpost, Lori Summers, Mallory Turner

• Fanfic Writing 101

Have you always wanted to write fanfiction, but just don't know where to start? Do you have some great ideas but don't know how to flesh them out? This panel will help new fanfic writers get past some of their fears about writing by tackling the basics - finding inspiration, plot development, creating compelling characters, and showing rather than telling your audience your story. We will also talk about issues that are specific to fanfic writers. How do you determine where to post your work? How do you write a summary that will catch people's attention? Why is it important to properly tag, rate, and trigger warn your fic? Let us help you break through your fears and start writing stories!

Chelsea Robinson, Ben Signpost, Songlin (M), Lori Summers, Berlynn Wohl

• Filing off the Serial Numbers

So you’ve written a great story and everyone tells you that it’s brilliant and you should publish it, only there’s one small problem - it’s a piece of fanfiction based on pre-existing characters or world setting. What are your options if you decide you want to go ahead and try to publish your work? Do you “file off the serial numbers”? Do you take a risk and check out Kindle Worlds? Or is there a way to take the core ideas in your story and transform them into something that is truly original and yours? ​

Chelsea Robinson, Lori Summers (M)

• Free Sherlock

On February 14, 2013, a civil action was filed against the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate. The goal is to prove that the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson are no longer protected by federal copyright laws and to "free" them so that writers, filmmakers and others are in turn free to create new stories about them. Come to learn about this effort, the reasons for it, and what it means for future creative endeavors starring Sherlock Holmes.

GOH Laurie King, GOH Les Klinger

• How Do You Draw That?

Is there a particular thing you are trying to figure out how to draw and you just can't wrap your head around it? A horse? A Hobbit? A dragon? Fawnlock? Come and ask our artists and let them show you how to draw those things that keep stumping you.

Feyuca, Cara McGee (M), Sketchlock, Teabeforewar, Mallory Turner

• Play the Cliché

When writing stories, it's important to avoid obvious clichés... unless, of course, you know how to use them to your advantage! Come learn about the different kinds of clichés and tropes found in Sherlock fiction (Deus Ex Mycroft, Big Brother is Watching You, Stoic Saint John, Sherlock is Always Right, etc.) and how to turn them on their ear to delight and misdirect your readers.

Liz Eckhart, John Longenbaugh, Ben Signpost (M)

• The Play’s the Thing

The stories of Sherlock Holmes have been brought to the stage under many guises – William Gillette’s The Last Case of Sherlock Holmes was the first in 1892, but others have followed including Holmes & Watson, Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol, and our very own Vicious and Vulgar. What are the challenges and choices when bringing Sherlock Holmes to the stage, and how do they differ from film and television renditions?

GOH Lee Eric Shackleford, John Longenbaugh (M), Alison Luhrs, Sammy Scott

• Playwriting 101

What are the challenges in writing a play? How is writing a play different from writing a novel? How can one take a story and adapt it for the stage? What are some different ways that one can go about creating a stage production? Is a traditional script even necessary? Come listen to a number of playwrights, thespians and theater people talk about the various techniques and challenges that comes along with crafting something for the stage.

GOH Lee Eric Shackleford (M), John Longenbaugh, Alison Luhrs, Sammy Scott

• Sailing the Fandom Dinghy: The Joys and Perks of Shipping The Unpopular

In this panel we’ll be discussing of what it's like to ship characters that the majority of fandom does not. Prepare yourself for discussions on how a lack of fanwork can drive creativity, on how discourse in a smaller ship can make a large fandom easier to handle, discover new tiny ships, and bask in the company of people whose shipping interests are not necessarily in the majority.

Eddy Dughi, Lyra Ngalia (M), Chelsea Robinson, Mallory Turner

• Same Character, Different World

There's a popular trend in fanfic to take characters and cross them over into completely different worlds and stories than they originally came from. What are the challenges of writing AUs that go beyond just a slight shift in environment or abilities? How does one keep iconic characters themselves regardless of setting or situation? Why are such wildly divergent crossovers and AUs so popular to read and write and how can one make them believable and compelling?

Abundantlyqueer, Chelsea Robinson, Ben Signpost (M),  Songlin, Lori Summers

• Sexuality and Sherlock

"The fairer sex is your department." "Not really my area." Unambiguous declarations of asexuality? Celibacy? Although, he is being awfully specific that it's women he's not attracted to…Come speculate with us on the nature of Sherlock Holmes's attractions, such as they may be, and the depictions of Holmes's sexuality and sexual orientation throughout the years.

GOH Lee Eric Shackleford, Liz Eckhart, Songlin (M), Berlynn Wohl


• Sherlock Holmes and the Problem of the Post-Imperial Hero

Sherlock Holmes made his debut at a pivotal moment in British imperial history. To contemporary readers, Conan Doyle's fiction would have been at least tangentially part of a wider public debate about England's future, but this aspect of the Holmes canon tends to be invisible to modern readers. This presentation provides some imperial context, by considering the framing device of John Watson’s narration, as well as contrasting Sherlock Holmes with the heroes of high-imperial fiction from some forty years earlier, and finally by looking at how Holmes himself is the prototype for subsequent late-imperial heroes.

Abundantlyqueer (M)

• Sherlock Scholarship

Sherlockian scholarship has been going on for over 100 years. What questions remain unconsidered? Have all the answers been found? Where can you get started on the research? How could you find out what else has been written on a subject? These and more topics will be explored in this panel.

GOH Les Klinger (M), Liz Eckhart

• Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

We all know that Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories about Sherlock Holmes became one of the most popular series in the world, but few of us know much more about the man beyond his infamous characters. Who was Arthur Conan Doyle? When, how, and why did he start writing Sherlock Holmes? Why do his stories matter from a cultural, literary and genre viewpoint? What else did write and do in his lifetime?

GOH Les Klinger, GOH Lee Eric Shackleford, Abundantlyqueer, Tom Keogh (M)

• The Weapons of Sherlock Holmes

Learn about the weapons of the Victorian era and specifically Dr. John H.Watson's preference for British Bulldog revolvers. Guest panelists Gordon Frye and James Romnes will have actual historical pieces on display and will be discussing the various types of weapons used through Sherlock's many incarnations and their relevance and usage over the years.

Gordon Frye (M), James Romnes

• Why Sherlock? (And Why Now?)

Even the most casual of readers know who Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are; they are inescapable icons in literature. However, in recent years, between two movies, two separate prime-time TV series, and a host of other literature formats, the Consulting Detective and his faithful partner have re-emerged in popular culture. Why has brainy in the form of Sherlock Holmes suddenly become the new sexy to a new generation of readers and film-goers? Join us to talk about all the different versions of Sherlock Holmes that have graced the silver (and small) screen in the 21st century and discuss why the crime-solving duo is once again in the public imagination.

Abundantlyqueer, Liz Eckhart, John Longenbaugh (M), Tom Keogh

Artwork copyright Feyuca

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