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Sherlock Seattle is going on hiatus
We are sad to announce that Sherlock Seattle is going on hiatus for 2017, and possibly forever. In 2016 we saw a drop in attendance of nearly 50% and in the aftermath we have lost 75% of our staff.
As such we have to question whether there is still enough people interested in putting on a convention as well as whether there is an audience who wish to attend such a convention. Perhaps a west coast convention is simply too inconvenient a location for most fans, or perhaps a smaller convention is of less interest to people. In light of these changes and questions we find ourselves wondering if the fandom would be better served by letting a larger and more successful convention, such as 221b Con, be the default Sherlock Holmes convention in the United States, and simply let Sherlock Seattle be a thing of the past. One thing we are considering doing is throwing smaller events throughout the year, but again this will depend on whether there is interest in this sort of thing.
We welcome your thoughts and input and have created a brief survey that we would love you to fill out which you can find HERE.  You are also invited to WRITE US and let us know what you think, how you feel, what is important to you, and whether you feel like Sherlock Seattle is a convention worth creating and attending.
We would love to hear from all of you and look forward to reading whatever it is you have to say.
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